AVR, DX-10: STC brush, 220-480 VAC Item number:  103-240-480GB This is an AVR for 3-phase brush-type generators.  It can regulate the 220 volt line or the 480 volt line. $89.95   AVR, GAVR8 Generator-Alternator 120-240 V, for single or 3-phase Item number:  104-GAVR008 This is a universal AVR for single or 3-phase brushless generators.  $69.00   AVR, MX321 Item number:  104-MX32100 AVR is used in permanent magnet generators (PMG) $198.00 AVR, ST 115 AVR brush-type Item number:  101-115BK00 This is an AVR made for brush-type generators.  This particular one regulates using the 115- 120Volt leg. This AVR can be used to eliminate the harmonic winding. $59.99 AVR, ST 220 VAC brush-type--Black Item number:  102-220BK00 This AVR is made for the brush type generator.  It regulates on the 220-240 volt line. $59.99 AVR, STC 3-phase 480 VAC--Blue Item number:  103-480BL/BK00 This is an AVR for a 3-phase brush type generator.  It regulates on the 480 volt line. $59.99 No longer carry the SX460. The AS440 is a suitable substitute AVR, SX460, Single or 3-phase Item number 104-SX44000 This AVR is a replacement for the Stamford SX460.  It is made for a single or 3-phase brushless generator.
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GAVR8 DX-10 ST 115 VAC AVR brush-type ST 220 VAC AVR brush-type STC AVR 3-phase 480 VAC SX460 AVR, Single or 3-phase
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AVR, AS440 -- Sub for SX440 and SX460 Item number:  104-AS44000 Used for sustained short circuit in generators that has an auxiliary winding for excellent electric motor starting capability
ST 115 VAC AVR brush-type
Automatic Voltage Regulators